Dracut Counseling Professionals​

How can therapy help me?

The decision to seek therapy is a personal choice, and each person utilizes therapy in their own way.  Therapy has been helpful for people who would like to:

  • Seek extra support and guidance through a challenging situation, life-change, or difficulty
  • Create better balance in their lives with regard to work and family

  • Improve mood and improve coping with stress and anxiety
  • Better understand and resolve challenges that may be holding them back from attaining what they really want from their lives
  • Gain more insight into their own sense of self as well as into their relationships
  • Improve relationships
  • Simply move in a new direction in their lives and uncover the potential and personal strength to do so.
  • Address challenges or issues in a private, confidential, supportive, environment

What should I know before I start Therapy?

1) It is important to know if your therapist is licensed in your state. 

Dracut Counseling Professionals each hold an independent license in the state of Massachusetts, and have various areas of expertise and interest.

2) You will want to know what your therapist's office availability is and if this coordinates well with your life's schedule. 

Each Dracut Counseling Professional offers flexible office hours.

3) You will want to know if your health insurance covers therapy sessions. 

Dracut Counseling Professionals can assist you in figuring out your health coverage and what your mental health benefits are.  Mental health benefits are available with many health insurance agencies. 

If your plan does not cover mental health benefits, or you choose not to use your plan, self-pay arrangements can be made.

What specific types of therapy do you practice?

We focus on a variety of different types of counseling. We try to make sure we can help as many people as possible. Some types of counseling we focus on are:

  • Goal setting
  • Individual Therapy​

How can I schedule an appointment?

The best way to reach us is by email  at appointments @dracutcounselingprofessionals.com


You can schedule an appointment with the form located here.